How Were the Twelve Animals Chosen ?

dragon In the old old days, cat and Rat were best friends. They played and ate together, passing the days in blissful joy ......

One day, the Heavenly God said to the Earth God : "I think we should find a way to keep track of time on the Earth; otherwise it will get very inconvenient ! I am planning to hold a race. The first twelve animals to cross the river will be the signs in the zodiac calendar."

So the Earth God gathered all the animals on Earth, and announced the details of the big race. Before the race, all animals chattered excitedly ! Everyone wanted to join the race. The worried Cat said, "But I am so afraid of water, I will never reach the finish line !".

Just then, the Ox grumbled, "Why, with my poor eyesight, I can't even begin !". The Rat heard this and quickly proposed, "Uncle Ox, can we sit upon your back, and guide you across the river together ?"; Ox considered the idea, and agreed.

But what happened in the big race ?

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