What Happened in the Big Race ?

dragon Early before dawn on the race day, while a lot of other animals were still sleeping, the Rat and Cat, upon the Ox's back, plunged into the river and were off !

When they swam to the middle of the river, the Cat glanced behind and laughed at all the others, "They haven't even left the shore ! I am going to win this race for sure !".

Before the Cat had even finished speaking, the Rat stole up from behind, and gave the Cat a sudden, mighty shove ! SPLASH! The Cat fell face-first into the water !

Standing on top the Ox, little Rat roared with laughter, "Soooory, Brother Cat! Have a nice swim! It was my idea, so the first place should be mine !".

Old Ox paddled straight ahead, not seeing the fight. Just as he finally reached shore, Rat jumped off and raced to the finish line ! He gleefuly sang, "A rat's body may be small, but we are as clever as the human beings! This is why I have beaten them all ! YAHOO !".

Do you want to know the Finally Result of the Big Race ?


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